Twentieth Regiment, New York State

Volunteer Infantry




The United Turner Rifles


1861 – 1863


This web site is dedicated

to the memory of those individuals

who served in the United Turner Rifles




A Regimental History of the 20th NYSV


Register of 20th Regiment of Infantry


Casualty Table for 20th NYSV


Pictures Related to the Regiment


Colonel Max Weber

Colonel Ernst Von Vegeseck

Uniforms Worn by the Officers and Men

Troops Under Weber Landing at Hatteras 8/29/1861

On the Beach at Hatteras

Flood of Turners Camp Hamilton

Reconaissance at New Market

Charge at the Dunker Church – Antietam

Monument at National Cemetery Sharpsburg MD

Turner Veterans at Dedication of Monument 1887

Monument to 20th NYSV at Antietam Battlefield

50th Anniversary Party at Antietam

Philip Kappesser June 10, 1861

Frederick William Fix


This site was created and is maintained by

Gary Kappesser


great  - grandson of two members of the Regiment

Philip Kappesser, Company E

Frederick W. Fix, Company G

Both of whom enlisted from Syracuse, New York