Descendants of the Men

Who Belonged to the 20th New York State Volunteer Infantry


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Lee Arnold



Great grandson of Christian Arnold – Private, Company C


***Photograph of Christian Arnold***   


Iola I. Rust Brewer



Great-granddaughter of Ernst Julius Adolph Rust - Private, Company A


***Photograph of Ernst Julius Adolph Rust***


Roy Bonjour



Great-grandfather's brother was Julius O. Kuhfahl – Private, Company G.


Robert Bonnet



Great-grandson of Friedrich Bonnet – Private, Company E


Michael Brunskill



Great-grandson of Jacob Fisher – Corporal, Company G.




Matthew B. Bursig



A Long Island Turner and "honorary descendant" of the Regiment.


Carl Buskuhl



Great – grandfather's brother was Freiderich Buskuhl – Private, Company A.


Henry W. Chamberlain



            Great-grandfather was Henry Koehn -  Private, Company D.


Mary Ann Franson



Great-granddaughter of David Mueller - Private, Company E.


Roy Freudenthal



Great-grandson of Gustav(e) August Freudenthal, AKA George by his Captain – Private Company K. 


Gustave August Freudenthal was born on October 28th 1842 in Oberdorla Prussia and immigrated with his parents to the USA. He was a resident of Egg Harbor City New Jersey at the time of enlistment. Private Gustave August Freudenthal joined the 20th New York Infantry Co. K. on May 3rd 1861 at 18 years old. His Captain for some reason called him George and the name stuck at least with the Captain. His Muster Roll showed him detached from Company August 26th 1861on expedition to Hatteras. It also shows he had returned from Hatteras for the Sept-Oct Muster Roll. He received a skull fracture from a bomb shell at Antietam at Dunker Church Sept 17th 1862. The Skull fracture was covered with a hammered out silver dollar that he carried his entire life. At this time it’s not known what other campaigns he was on. He mustered out June 1st 1863 in New York. He wasn’t out of uniform very long when he joined the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry Co. D in Trenton New Jersey February 19th 1864 at 21 years old. Gustave August Freudenthal was soon promoted to Corporal and had a successful career with the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry. After the war he married and moved to Sylvia Tennessee in Dickson County. There, in the heart of the South he had a large family. I’m almost sure that when he joined up with his German friends, he felt it was his duty. The family of loved ones he never knew, except in sending and receiving letters from Germany, was a proud aristocratic family with deep military traditions. Gustave August died April 23rd 1937 in Nashville Tennessee at the age of 94 years old. He is pictured with his GAR insignia with his son “Private George Wintzingerode Freudenthal USMC” about 1917.



Barry Gloeckner



Great-grandson of Bernard Glockner – Private,  Company B..


Frank J. Gloeckner



Great-grandson of Bernard Glockner – Private,  Company B..


Jim Haas



          Great grandfather's brother was Frederick  Dockendorf- Private, Company I.


                             ***Photograph of Frederick Dockendorf***


James G. Heydenreich



Great Grandson of Charles Henry Heidenreich, Jr. – Private, Company H

Great Great Grandson of Charles Henry Heydenreich, Sr. – Corporal, Company H



Philip Edward Kappesser IV



Great-grandson of Philip Kappesser – Private, Company E. and Frederick W. Fix – Corporal, Company G.


Jack King



Great great grandson of Louis Vonah – Private, Company G.


***Photograph of Private Louis Vonah***


Robert Klages



Great great grandson of Henry Klages – Private, Company  D.


Fred Kuntz



Great great grandson of Charles P. Solger – Corporal, Company D.


Richard Lebeis



Great – grandfather's brother was Friedrich Lebeis – Private,  Company C.


George Lenz


Great Grandson of (Johann) Peter Lenz  – Private, Company H


Thomas B. Licari



Great great grandson of August Bothe - Private,  Company K.


Al Litster



Great grandson of Henry Robert Paul – Private, Company D


Adam Lockhart



Great great great grandson of  Christian Lohman - First Lieutenant, Company E.


Norman Martin



Great grandson of  Frederick Dockendorf - Private, Company I.


Fred R. Martin



Great grandson of  Frederick Dockendorf - Private, Company I.


Philip Mason



Great grandson of  Frederick Staudermann – Private, Company K.


William S. Miller



            Great Great Grandson of Otto G. Lienhard (Lienhardt) – Corporal, Co. F.


Robin Moore



Great  great granddaughter of Philip Kappesser - Private, company E. and Frederick Fix -corporal, Company G.


Bart R. Muller



            Great grand nephew of Rudolph Beutler (aka Rodolphe Boutler), First Lieutenant, Company G.


            ***Photograph of Rudolph Beutler***


Stephen Passage



Great grandson of Gottfried Kuhn – Private, Company D.


Brandon Rider



Great-great-great grandson of Henry Eyring, Private, Company B.



Wallace R. Rust



Great-grandson of Ernst Julius Adolph Rust - Private, Company A.


Donald L. Rust



Great-grandson of Ernst Julius Adolph Rust, Private - Company A.


Katherine List Schmidt




Great great great granddaughter of  Friedrich List, Private, Company E


Great great granddaughter of  George List, Private, Company E.


Thomas F. Shea



Great great grandson of George Klett, musician in the band


Paul Stambach



          Great-grandson of George Lautz – Private, Company F.


Douglas Sternberg



Great, great grandson of Moritz Sternberg, First Lieutenant, Company I.


Richard Sternberg

richardsternberg(a)hotmail. Com


Great, great grandson of Moritz Sternberg, First Lieutenant, Company I.


Margaret Testa



          Great grandfather's brother was Frederick  Dockendorf- Private, Company I.


Robert S Tubner



Great Grandson of Christian Tuebner (sometimes spelled Teubner), Private Co.K


 Ellen Weber



Great Grand-niece of Henry Doll - Sergeant, Company K.


Great Grand niece of Rudolph Doll - Corporal, Company K.


                        ***Photograph of Rudolph Doll***

Martin Wulstein



Great – grandfather's brother was Ernst Douai (private, Company I.).  G.Great Grandfather Dr. Adolf Douai well known leader of 48er's during German Revolution of 1848. He was jailed for his activities and came to USA in 1852. A prolific writer and composer of music, he also was known in this country for establishing many schools and writing readers for the NYC school system. He was also a delegate at Republican Convention in Chicago in 1860 where they nominated Lincoln and were responsible for planks in the Republican Platform that would prevent the spread of slavery and eventually its abolition.