Documents Related to the 20th NYSV



Military Orders


Special Orders No. 52 - February 22, 1862


Detailing a recruiting party to New York City.


Special Orders - September 20, 1862


Detailing a picket guard after the battle of Antietam.



Max Weber Letters


Letter of May 4, 1861

To New York Quartermaster General Chester A. Arthur



Letter of July 8, 1861

To New York Adjutant General Merideth Read


1905 Senate Hearings


Regarding the 198 men who stacked their arms before the battle of Chancellorsville

Kindly provided by Judy Yandoh, author of Mutiny at the Front.  Civil War Times Illustrated.  May/June 1995.  Pp 32-36


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1905 Senate Hearings


Establishment of the Veteran Verein

20th Regt. N.Y. Vols.


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Lehigh Railroad

20th Regiment New York Volunteers

Take Veterans Tour of Battlefields


1906 Tour & Regimental History


Lehigh Railroad Magazine 1906

New York Public Library Microfilm ZH-IAG